BIG dogs don’t come much bigger than beautiful Rafiki

This week the blog circle is looking at BIG dogs.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the on of the most gorgeous big dogs, prior to which I had never even heard of.

Meet Rafiki the Boerboel a.k.a – the South African Mastiff

Big dogs the Boerboel south african Mastiff

Boerboel’s were originally bred as a hunting dog for hunting Baboons and Leopards! No mean feat and Rafiki, although as big as her ancestors showed no interest in hunting and much preferred cuddles from her mum.

Big Dogs and owner photoshoot Suffolk
Rafiki and her owner

Although with correct training the Boerboel is a generally loving and placid dog it is important to remember they can weigh up to 50-80kg! You are going to need to work on your muscles if your dog decides it wants to chase a squirrel and you are attached….hehe.

Dog portrait shoot Suffolk

This is why training is soooo important, and luckily for Rafiki her owner is also a dog trainer and is doing amazingly well with her since she was rescued several months ago.

Dog photoshoot Suffolk
Look at that face – no Baboon hunting here

Find our more about big dogs

This is a very brief whistle stop tour of the Boerboel but if you would like to know more check out The Boerboel UK Society.

Around the circle

Next up on the blog circle is the lovely Linda Perdue

Linda Perdue photographing large mixed breed dogs in Tampa Bay, Florida

Sorry its a shorter blog than usual this week guys, but I have been super busy away on a course training to be a dog training instructor – watch this space.


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