Candid shots – Those in between moments I love to capture

Candid shots – what are they?

Candid shots quite simply are a capture that the subject doesn’t know is being taken, which with dogs is quite simple as half the time they haven’t got a clue what the crazy lady on the floor is doing. ha!

However, their owners are a different matter, and I feel their pain and hate being the other side of a camera. If people are over conscious of the camera you can’t get relaxed shots.

This is where my sneaky shots come in….

Candid shot of a cocker spaniel and owner
The loving look

So how do I capture the in between moments

After a posed shot I will usually give the ok that I got the shot and to have a break, I will often pretend to look at shots on my camera and get a few cheeky little snaps in. These are the moments when people most relax with their pets as they think the camera isn’t on them.

I will often subtly watch owners and their pets when they go off for a little break walk on a shoot, and again you manage to capture some heart warming moments between owner and pet. This is where a nice long telephoto lens helps.

Clumber spaniel love
No words needed

I also have the pleasure of photographing training days and competitions which are fabulous for capturing those special moments as the owners are preoccupied on so many other things than me and my camera.

candid dog side eye
Mum, you’re soo embarrassing

Sometimes I manage to capture some funny shots like the lovely Morris and his side eye when his mum threw the retrieve the wrong way. I don’t know what you think, but I genuinely think he was embarrassed and his owner loved it.

Loving touch
Morris is a real mummy’s boy

I also love to capture the owners hands and their dog, you can almost feel the love between these two just looking at the photo.

Candid photos really are my favourite to shoot as I feel they really capture character and bond.

Next time you are out shooting, look for those moments around the posed shots…….get snapping.

Dog competition photography
Beautiful labrador focusing on the job at hand

Around the circle

I am part of a fabulous blog circle of amazing pet photographers across the globe. Next in the circle is Nicole Hrustyk of Pawtraits.

Las Vegas, Nevada Dog Photographer, Nicole Hrustyk, of Pawtraits by Nicole shares portrait session bloopers.


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