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dog photography in Suffolk
The dogs and I

Who am I?

Hello there, my name is Jemma and I started JM Photography last year. I live in Suffolk with my housemate and her dog along with my three dogs Jelly, Red and Nuka.

I have a real passion for pet photography and capturing their true characters rather than just taking a photo. I want people to look at a photograph and be able to say “Oh he looks like a cheeky chap” or “wow what a distinguished fellow” I have an affinity with animals and have been surrounded by them all of my life.

I grew up with horses and dogs and worked on a stud farm for most of my 20s before deciding I should grow up and get a “real” job, so naturally I joined the police and worked my way up to being a detective on the sexual offences team. This was a very challenging but rewarding role that I left in May 2019 to regain a better work life balance.

I now work for the council which allows me more time for my photography and my other hobby which is training my dogs Red and his sister Nuka to be gundogs. I have a real passion for country pursuits and also make things out of recycled shotgun cartridges when time allows. In my spare time also am a dog trainer in the Suffolk area for Whistle and Wag Dog Training.

Well that is me……I look forward to meeting you and your companion.

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