Dog collars and leads – lets talk about my favourites

Dog collars – what should my dog wear for their shoot?

In an ideal world where dogs are perfect and always sit adoringly at your feet I would prefer dogs to be free of any dog collars or leads on their shoot. This means there is less to distract from them.

I however am a realist and understand that most people like their dog to have a collar on for safety. Although I do ask that the collars that they wear are not too bright and distracting.

Cockerpoo puppy with pink dog collar
The lovely Maggie with her pretty pink collar

I also ask that if possible people remove their dog’s ID tags before a shoot as most people do not want their details showing on a photograph, especially if they want to share their photos on social media.

Cocker spaniel head side profile
A simple crop of a photo can hide ID tags

If all else fails there is always editing

That said collars and tags can be easily edited to fix any issues they might present, unlike the dreaded harness that is much more difficult to edit out, but not impossible.

One more no no for a photoshoot is a figure of 8/head collar, whilst they may be helpful for helping your friend not pull your arms out of their socket they do not look great in photos.

Remember we are creating photo art for your walls! You would want to look at your best in a photoshoot and so does your four legged friend.

Dog harness removal
Edit of harness removal

I know I have just gone through what I don’t want dog’s to wear in shoot. I am however a big fan of long lines. They enable dogs with poor recall to still be able to run safely so I can get some action shots. Unlike harnesses the longlines are usually fairly straight forward to hide.

Dog photoshoot with dog collar and long line
Nuka had a long line on in this photo but is clearly enjoying her freedom

I am also a fan of the odd accessory for special shoots like Reds bow tie for woooing the ladies below.

Mr valentine

Whilst we are talking collars and leads I cannot go without plugging my hobby of making paracord leads, collars and lanyards. Find out more here.

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Courtney at CM Bryson Photography in Atlanta, Georgia shares her best collars for dog photography.

Dog’s attention – How to get a dog’s attention for awesome photographs

In this weeks blog I share some top secret tips to help you get your dog’s attention when taking photographs.

Like people all dogs are completely different and are interested by different things. This means when photographing them we need to work out what interests them in order to stand a chance at getting a dog’s attention. If you are photographing your own dogs you will know this, but if you are photographing a client or friend’s dogs don’t be afraid to ask as it will massively help you.

Red – over here!

1 – My go to method to get a dog’s attention

Every photographer has their preferred method of getting a dogs attention and mine is slightly different and one I pre-warn clients about. Don’t panic! It’s not as bad as it sounds, but if I don’t want people I get some odd looks. If I need to get a dog’s attention I make animal noises, the more bizarre the better. Turkey and goat noises are my personal favourites, and usually a hit with the dogs.

How to get my dogs attention
The handsome Eddie

2 – It’s all about the squeak

Sometimes the animal noises are just too much for the dog’s and I end up with them on my head. My back up is a squeaker out of a squeaky toy that I pop in my mouth and bite it to squeak. This keeps my hands free and usually makes the most stubborn of model to look at you and prick their ears.

You can either steal one of these from the inside of one of your dog’s toys or if you don’t want to upset your pal.

You can buy them separately from somewhere like Amazon – click here

Puppy portrait
The beautiful Cosmo

3 – Sometimes the way to a loving stare is through the stomach.

Of course their are dogs that are completely un-phased by noises no matter how exciting. However there may be another way to their hearts. Ask the owner to bring some treats they are happy for them to have and let the dog see the owner give them to you and pop them in your pocket. In the same pocket I also place an empty bag that makes alot of noise when rustled. When the dog is in position but you just need them to look the right direction a quick hand in the pocket and a rustle of the bag usually does the trick. Once you’ve got the shot don’t forget to go and reward them with a treat, nobody likes a tease.

Dog photography
Red and Nuka do serious faces for treats

4 – Only have eyes for their pawrents no matter how hard to try to get a dog’s attention

Then there are the dogs who are so utter and truly devoted to their owners that their eyes are constantly on them. These are probably some of the easier dogs to work with as long as you can get the dog to stay in a position away from their favourite person. When you are ready to take the shot just simply get the owner to walk behind you and they can always use a squeaky toy if you require a more pricked ears look.

Nuka look a bunny!

5 – What is their favourite word

My last tip is another easy one, no making yourself look silly with animal noises or having to put a squeaker in your mouth. All dogs have that one word that makes them look at you with sheer excitement, whether that’s “walkies” “where’s daddy/mummy” “rabbits” “cats”

They will all have one, just ask the owner, although I do refrain from using “hungry” or “dinner time” as feel a bit mean.

My biggest tip in relation to getting a dog’s attention is to do your research and find out what motivates each dog. Do this and you will have a better chance of getting the attention of any dog.

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Courtney at CM Bryson shares a few tricks to get dogs looking at the camera during a pet photo shoot.

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Dog walks in Suffolk – my top 5 favourites

I am blessed to live in the beautiful county of Suffolk so the doggo’s and I are spoilt for choice when it comes to great dog walks to go on.

I list my top 5 dog walks in Suffolk favourites below, in not particular order.

This weeks photographs are mainly phone snaps as I rarely take my camera out with my own dogs as usually have my hands full. If nothing else it has shown I really should make more of an effort.

#1 Dedham to Flatford along the river

I know I said they were in no particular order but Dedham is one of my favourites.

There are two car parks, a larger one and a smaller one right on the river edge, both are pay and display.

The dogs love it as there is tonnes of space to run with the added bonus of a river along the Broute to splash in and out of.

best dog walks in suffolk
Beautiful river banks

Unfortunately alot of other people feel the same and in the summer it is often extremely busy with people picnicing and swimming. If you want to enjoy Dedham in the summer early mornings and early evenings are best. I have had some rather embarassing moments where my dogs have wanted to join in with peoples picnics. (the less said about that the better)

Good dog walks in Suffolk
Purdey waiting for his ball

If you have a kayak there is a portage straight off of the carpark and you can paddle all the way to Flatford and enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake at the cafe there. Kayaking with my dogs is one of my favourite things to do and its soo relaxing.

dog friendly walks in suffolk
Beanie navigating the kayak

Google maps link to the car park.

#2 Orwell Park country park and estuary

Another lovely place for a dog walk in Suffolk.

There is a free car park and you can walk straight into the country park and down to the riverside. From the riverside there are beautiful views down the estuary and of the Orwell Bridge.

Orwell bridge walk at sunset
Sunset at the Orwell Bridge

Although popular with dog walkers and families it is not often overly busy.

However, one thing to be mindful of is the tides. If you want your dog to be able to paddle try and visit at high tide. At low tide there is a large expanse of mud flats which will quickly turn a dog in to a swamp monster. You have been warned.

Riverside walks in Suffolk
Jelly relaxing at the bridge

Google map link to the car park

#3 Old Felixstowe beach and tide pools

I grew up in Felixstowe and have always been a fan of the beach, as have my dogs.

Felixstowe beach is mainly a no go zone for dogs between May-September except for the northern end.

There is a large car park on the cliff tops, however this is a pay and display and not free.

Bare in mind that as its on the cliff tops there are numerous steps to negotiate to get down to the beach, so not suitable for mobility issues in humans or dogs.

The climb down is totally worth as there are 3 large tide pools which make a perfect playground for the doggos.

Beach dogs of suffolk
Cosmo posing by a tide pool

The tide pools make a great option to allow your dog to swim on the beach without having to worry about currents and waves for the less confident swimmers.

Coastal dog walks in suffolk
Nuka – here I come!

Link to google maps – car park

#4 Hadleigh river walk

This is my most local walk so one that myself and the doggos often frequent.

There is a free carpark and a path that runs all the way along the river with several points where the dogs can swim.

This is extremely popular with locals so it is very rare that you won’t see anyone.

Suffolk rights of way
Jelly after enjoying a rare swim

You can either walk along the river and back or make use of the public footpaths beyond the river and loop back to the car on field edges.

It’s a lovely varied walk with some hills, water and wooded areas. What’s not to like.

River dog walks
Beanie – no hesitation

Link to the car park on google maps

#5 Thetford forest

This is furthest away from where I live so we usually make it a day trip.

Thetford forest is a large forest with lots of paths and trials to explore. There is quite alot of wildlife so make sure you have a long line if you can’t stop your dog from chasing.

The forest is a very popular tourist destination and is often busy, but due to its size you can easily walk away from the crowds.

Forest dog walks
Little dog, Big forest

The forest is maintained by Forestry England and they charge for parking. As well as lots of walking opportunities there are lots of activities like go ape and segwaying if you want to keep the family amused whilst you and your four legged pal go exploring.

In the forest

Link to the Thetford Forest website.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite dog walks in Suffolk and can try some out. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy your walks.

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Dog treat recipe for you to make at home for your pooch

Dog treat recipe – Moreish tuna and cheese snacks

This is a new dog treat recipe a tried for my dogs. I like to keep my treats and snacks new and interesting to my dogs as I use them as rewards and don’t want them to lose interest.

A lot of homemade snacks I’ve made use peanut butter or are really stinky when cooking. Today I was fresh out of peanut butter (I know its a travesty) and I didn’t fancy making my kitchen smell so I sought out a new recipe.

So here it is……

What you will need

Baking ingredients for dog treat recipe
Get your ingredients ready

140g – Wholemeal or plain flour

1 egg

55g grated cheese

1 tin of tuna – (in spring water as this is healthier for your dog)

Where to start

1- Preheat the oven to 180 degree centigrade/ 356 degree farenheit / Gas mark 4

2 – Pop all of the ingredients in a bowl and kneed together using your hands until you form a dough.

dog treat simple ingredients
Ready for mixing

3- Roll out the dough and cut out your shapes with a cookie cutter or a knife.

Treats ready for the oven
Brand them up..

4 – Place your treats on a baking tray and into the middle of the preheated oven for around 20 mins. Check after 20 mins and take out when golden. The treats will continue to crispy whilst cooling

Dog treats fresh out the oven
#JM Photography

5 – Once cool let your pal do a taste test

Dog treat with clean white teeth
Red pushing his obedience to the limits……

These treats were a huge hit with Red and his pals getting him to hold this treat without munching really tested his obedience!

I thought I would try out my new letter stamps and brand them up! I am definitely going to pop some in a jar for the studio to keep my guests sweet.

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Linda Perdue of VP Shoots Photography shares her easy frozen dog treat

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7 essential shots for a pet photography shoot

When I go out on a shoot with a client and their pet as well as taking into account what the client wants to get out of the shoot, I also have my top 7 essential shots I aim to capture throughout the shoot.

7 essential shots – what are they?

1 – THE headshot

For me, the most important shot of a shoot.

A nice clear photo of the subjects head that captures their character.

Puppy portrait shot
Nuka’s little angel face

2 – The “what’s that noise shot”

This is one of my favourite shots to capture as in variably results in a super cute head tilt in dogs.

To capture this I usually make the weirdest possible noise I can ( my go to at the moment is a turkey impression, don’t ask) and this will make even the most chilled out half asleep pooch look at you quizzically.

Fastest finger

This shot needs to be taken quickly as the quizzical look is usually followed by the said pooch leaping on my head.

Head tilt puppy
Bramble – “did you make that noise?”

3 – The relaxed sit

This is a staple photo for any session. It is nice and easy to achieve as long as the dog has a sit command in place. I usually ask the owner to stand behind me so I have the dogs attention for the shot

7 essential shots
Yogi! Hanging out with his tongue out!

4 – The “Forest Gump”

Run Forest Run…

My aim is to capture one action shot per shoot. I will often get hundreds but, this is dependant on training and obviously the dogs capability.

For dogs that have poor recall I have previously made owners run with them on the lead. I love the action shots where the dogs are coming straight for you with ears and tongues flying! To me these shots just encapsulate sheer joy!

7 essential shot for pet photography - action
Beanie, living his best life

5 – The family shot

Not all clients want to be in the photos (neither do I, that’s why I take them).

I will try and encourage at least one shot with their dog. Even if its of them both walking away or an abstract shot of their paw and hand.

These might not be shots they will share on social media but, photos they will look back on and remember the bond they shared.

6 – The “don’t look back in anger”

This is when the dog looks back over their shoulder at you. Not always an easy shot to capture. As unless the dog is super lazy they are right back on your head in an instant. However, it is always a shot I will try to capture. As I love the feeling it gives and shows the subject at a different angle.

7 essential shots - don't look back in anger
Old lady Tilly acing the look back

7 – The distant stare

The classic model pose, how can in not be included in a photoshoot. Need I say more.

7 essential shots - the distant stare
Red – an absolute pro at the distant stare

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If you and your four legged friend would like to test out some poses, then get in touch.

Spaniels of Suffolk – the perfect adventure buddies

Spaniels of Suffolk

This week in the blog circle we are talking different breeds so what better opportunity to write all about the spaniels of suffolk, my favourite breed group….SPANIELS!

Spaniels as a breed group are numerous in different breed varieties which is part of the reason I love them so much, but all with the similar characteristic of those ears.

So let me start by listing some of the wonderful different breeds of spaniels that I come across on my photography travels in and around Suffolk.

Cocker Spaniels

I know I shouldn’t have favourites but cockers are it for me. The two in the photograph below are my two working cocker spaniels brother and sister duo Nuka and Red.

I love cockers because of their happy attitudes to life and that their tails never stop wagging. They are super clever (sometimes too clever) and will take on most challenges you throw at them. Mine love to go on long walks exploring new places with me but equally love a snuggle on the sofa when we get home.

Find out more here

Find out more about my dogs here

Spaniels of suffolk

Springer Spaniels

These guys to me are like the bigger slightly more ditzy cousins of the cockers. They are absolutely full to the brim with energy and so eager to please. Where the cockers will ask questions, these guys throw themselves in feet first then think about it later.

Find out more here

Springer spaniel
Springer spaniel awaiting command

Clumber Spaniels

Clumber spaniels are a fairly rare breed of spaniel but are absolutely gorgeous with their droopy faces and huggable frames. They unlike the cockers and springers can at times be a little stubborn but once they are on your side are a great companion.

The clumbers tend to be slightly more mellow than their sportier relatives and have a temperament described as Affectionate, Dignified, Loyal, Gentle, Calm, Great-hearted.

Find out more here

Dog swimming pool
Clumber spaniel having a swimming lesson

Irish water spaniels

Whether they’re splashing after ducks or showing off in the agility ring, canines of the Irish Water Spaniel dog breed do everything with a sense of fun. Created in Ireland as a water retriever they’re rare these days but make excellent companions for active and experienced dog owners, especially if they live near a body of water.

Find out more here

Irish water spaniel of suffolk
Irish water spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel can make an excellent choice for a family pet, being of medium size and with a happy and outgoing disposition. They are very good with children as long as respect has been installed on both sides, although their exuberance of youth can mean that very young children and puppies do not lean themselves to a particularly peaceful household.

They are highly intelligent and unbelievably affectionate, being capable with the relevant training to compete in agility, obedience, working tests and the show ring as well as fulfilling their main role of a much loved member of the family.

Find out more here

Gundog training
I love you mum
Welsh Springer spaniel
Did someone say bird?

These are the five spaniel breeds that I have been lucky enough to photograph so far and hope to add more to my collection.

Spaniel breeds I am yet to photograph (my spaniel bucket list)

-King charles spaniel

-American Cocker spaniel

-Field spaniel

-Boykin spaniel

-Sussex Spaniel

-Picardy Spaniel

-Tibetan Spaniel

5 Reasons that Cocker Spaniels are my favourite Spaniel of Suffolk

1 – They are always happy!

2- They give the best cuddles!

3 – The can fetch the remote and your slippers!

4 – They love to go on adventures!

5 – They are super loyal!

Just remember if you are thinking of adding a spaniel or indeed a spaniel cross to the family they were primarily bred as working dogs and if not given enough mental stimulation less desirable destructive tendencies can be exhibited. Always do your research before choosing a breed.

Around the circle

Now you know all about the Spaniels of Suffolk lets take a trip around the circle

Next up is Tammy Snyder Photography, photographing dogs and the people they love in Southeastern PA and the surrounding tri-state area.

Secure dog fields near me in Suffolk

As part of the blog circle this week I will be talking about secure dog fields near me in Suffolk and they are a fabulous resource for people with a large variety of dogs.

So firstly what is a secure dog field?

Secure dog fields come in many different shapes and size with varying amounts of equipment in them.

But quite simply they are a secure safe area that you can exercise your dog safe in the knowledge that they cannot run off and that you will not encounter other dogs or animals.

Pet photography cocker spaniel living its best life
Gracie enjoying Murfield Meadow to the full

Who would need to use a secure dog field?

Secure dog fields are used by people and their dogs for numerous reasons.

  1. For training in a safe environment so that if things don’t go to plan you know your dog will not run into danger for example a road.
  2. For reactive dogs that in normal circumstance owners cannot let off the lead through fear they may harm another dog/person. The field gives the dog a chance to run freely and enjoy itself.
  3. I as a photographer use them as again there are no interruptions from outside factors when trying to take photos.
  4. People use them as a place to meet and let their dogs have some free time together, in the past I have photographed puppy reunions held in secure dog fields so the litter can all meet up in a safe place.
  5. Some dog fields have agility and other equipment in so you can introduce your dog to new activities.

The list of uses is really endless as everyone will make use of them in different ways but they are definately a valued resource to have in your area.

Dog park fun
Dogs just wanna have fun

Some of the secure dog fields local to me

Murfield Meadow

Murfield Meadow is a secure dog exercise field, available for exclusive use and enabling your canine companions to enjoy off lead freedom and fun! The field measures approximately 2.5 acres and is enclosed by 1.9 metre deer fencing.  We are situated on the outskirts of Hadleigh in a quiet, picturesque environment.

Suffolk Run Free

• 6 acres of meadows, trees, ditches and small wooded copse
• 6ft high fencing • Dog paddling pool • Toy box • Drinkers

The House of Muddy Paws

The House of Muddy Paws secured dog field is a safe and secure environment for you to enjoy with your dogs, friends and family.

The field provides peace of mind for you to train, exercise or just have fun with your four legged friends.

Pup School Suffolk

Want to carry on training yourself? Need to practice your agility? Want somewhere secure you can let your dog off lead to practice your recalls? We offer use of our 1 ½ acre fence training paddock, complete with a full set of competition agility equipment.

Dog Play Centre

We are open 7am till 7pm Monday – Friday, (excluding bank holidays). All other times are by appointment only. The centre is available for hire most weekday evenings and weekends so keep an eye on what’s happening and Facebook pages.

Recall practice

If you live outside of Suffolk you can use this handy website to find a dog field near you

Dog Parks near me

Find your nearest dog exercise park or field that allows your dog to run free in a safe secure environment. 

All around the circle

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the secure dog fields near me, to carrying on reading more about this please go and check out what fellow photographer Tammy has to say.

Tammy Snyder Photography, photographing dogs and the people they love in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding tri-state region.

Rescue dogs of Suffolk

This weeks blog post is all about rescue dogs of Suffolk. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit a rescue centre and offer some free promo shoots as I had planned thanks to covid, however I have decided to feature a friend’s family of rescue dogs.

Meet Reiley, Taz and Jon Snow.

Rescue dogs of Suffolk

These three are all owned by the lovely Tracey and have flourished in their new home.

Taz is the oldest resident whom Tracey’s rehomed from someone who decided he was useless for the job he had bought him for (pest control) and was going to have him destroyed. Certainly not on Tracey’s watch!

Taz is the most loving little man and adores Tracey, he is a patterdale terrier cross and has actually turned out to be a very able ratter, keeping the vermin on the farm at bay as well as having a cuddle at night.

Patterdale terrier portrait
Taz the Patterdale terrier

Next is Reiley, foundly known as Riggle.

He was rescued from Romania and was in a sorry state when he was found, and it was believed he had been hit by a car. His leg was mended by the rescue charity and then Tracey completed all of his rehab and he came on leaps and bounds.

You wouldn’t recognise him from the sad and scared dog that turned up to now!

Dog photography Felixstowe, Suffolk
Rescue dog Reiley

And then there is Jon Snow! What a big bear of a dog he is. Another rescue that had obviously had a tough time prior to coming to live with Tracey and his docked tail is a small reminder of that. When he turned up he had little to zero trust in people which breaks my heart that others had done this to him. Tracey has worked tirelessly on building his confidence and he is soo much happier about the people he meets and life, BUT don’t enter the office if his mum (Tracey) isn’t there! He is an amazing guard dog!

Beautiful Pet photography
Rescue dog Jon Snow

They are a random bunch but together they form a beautiful pack and are extremely loyal to Tracey

So in summary the next time you are thinking of getting a new dog, check out your local rescue and see if you can make a dog as happy as these three. Being rescued really was life changing for these guys.

Pet Photoshoot in Suffolk
happy family

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Photoshoot with Family Dog Services

This week is photographers choice in our blog circle so I have decided to tell you about my last shoot. Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with my friends at Family Dog Services in Kent, UK.

Meet Claire, Rose, Indy, Dude and John! The FDS family.

I met the lovely Claire through the Ladies working dog group, an online international forum for ladies and their working dogs no matter the job. Over the last couple of years I have photographed a few of Claire and John’s training days with their clients. They are amazing dog training instructors and work with people to get the best out of their dogs.

Find out more about Claire and John here –

Or check out their Facebook page.

black labrador, family portrait
The Denyer Family

Claire had asked that I took some snaps to update their website and some “family” shots as Claire’s business partner is also her husband and the dogs are their kids.

Now usually I would tell you that the casual shots where everyone is chilling is the easiest shot to capture but not with these guys….. there was always one dog pulling a face or running away but we got there…… some of the outtakes below

Claire also asked for John to have some photo’s with his boy Dude! There is soo much love between these two!

Not to be left out Claire wanted some snaps with her girls Indy and Rose.

We then finished with some business shots, again the silliness crept in, but I love it because in between the serious training these guys do they are such fun to be around.

Thanks for a fab day as always guys! Hope you like the photos.

As I mentioned, I am part of a blog circle and next on the circle this week is….

Touched By a Dog Photography creates visually artistic photos of pets within the greater Spokane, WA region.

The Joy of photography!

Photographs can evoke a variety of emotion but my favourites are the ones that make you smile inside which then sneaks into a smile on your face without you realising. I was editing a recent shoot of some friends and their joyful dogs and found myself sitting there smiling at the screen. This is what I aim to happen from every shot, depending on whether you are photographing pets on their own or with their loving owners.

Gundog training
labrador retrievers 
black dog

The above photograph makes me smile every time I look at it, it captures the joy brought by the dogs but also show’s Dude’s goofball character when he sneaks up from behind and says peek-a-boo when he should be heeling. Don’t stop snapping if you think its gone wrong candid shots always result in the most natural feel. (which I love)

As well as capturing the owners joy I will also try and get at least a few snaps per shoot of the dogs just living thier best life and exuding happiness out of the photograph to the viewer.


They don’t come much happier than this little smoosh head, Nuka who most certainly lives her best life and I think this capture goes some of the way to show that. So make sure for half the shoot at least you quit with the posing and let the dog do something it loves (within reason, snaps of Fido chasing the milkman might be funny but not necessarily joyful)

Since worrying less about the serious posed shots my work has evolved and now I’m capturing happiness and I love it. This also goes back to talking to your clients and finding out how they tick to discover what makes them and their dog most happy. Do this before the shoot as you may find that they both love love love the beach, which would make a great setting for happy snaps.

Happiness is……

That said it is not just my subjects that show joy, photographing all these gorgeous animals and their owners brings me immense happiness and I like to think that also shines through in my work. (I use work loosely, how can it be classed as work when I enjoy it this much)

Cocker spaniel 
Dog photography

I’ll finish with this capture of Aero living his best life! “I believe I can fly”

I am part of an amazing blog circle filled with talented pet photographers….next please go and check out

Nancy at Nancy Kieffer Photography, Capturing the Journey with your pet. Serving Syracuse, central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.