Photoshoot with Family Dog Services

This week is photographers choice in our blog circle so I have decided to tell you about my last shoot. Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with my friends at Family Dog Services in Kent, UK.

Meet Claire, Rose, Indy, Dude and John! The FDS family.

I met the lovely Claire through the Ladies working dog group, an online international forum for ladies and their working dogs no matter the job. Over the last couple of years I have photographed a few of Claire and John’s training days with their clients. They are amazing dog training instructors and work with people to get the best out of their dogs.

Find out more about Claire and John here –

Or check out their Facebook page.

black labrador, family portrait
The Denyer Family

Claire had asked that I took some snaps to update their website and some “family” shots as Claire’s business partner is also her husband and the dogs are their kids.

Now usually I would tell you that the casual shots where everyone is chilling is the easiest shot to capture but not with these guys….. there was always one dog pulling a face or running away but we got there…… some of the outtakes below

Claire also asked for John to have some photo’s with his boy Dude! There is soo much love between these two!

Not to be left out Claire wanted some snaps with her girls Indy and Rose.

We then finished with some business shots, again the silliness crept in, but I love it because in between the serious training these guys do they are such fun to be around.

Thanks for a fab day as always guys! Hope you like the photos.

As I mentioned, I am part of a blog circle and next on the circle this week is….

Touched By a Dog Photography creates visually artistic photos of pets within the greater Spokane, WA region.

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