Rescue dogs of Suffolk

This weeks blog post is all about rescue dogs of Suffolk. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit a rescue centre and offer some free promo shoots as I had planned thanks to covid, however I have decided to feature a friend’s family of rescue dogs.

Meet Reiley, Taz and Jon Snow.

Rescue dogs of Suffolk

These three are all owned by the lovely Tracey and have flourished in their new home.

Taz is the oldest resident whom Tracey’s rehomed from someone who decided he was useless for the job he had bought him for (pest control) and was going to have him destroyed. Certainly not on Tracey’s watch!

Taz is the most loving little man and adores Tracey, he is a patterdale terrier cross and has actually turned out to be a very able ratter, keeping the vermin on the farm at bay as well as having a cuddle at night.

Patterdale terrier portrait
Taz the Patterdale terrier

Next is Reiley, foundly known as Riggle.

He was rescued from Romania and was in a sorry state when he was found, and it was believed he had been hit by a car. His leg was mended by the rescue charity and then Tracey completed all of his rehab and he came on leaps and bounds.

You wouldn’t recognise him from the sad and scared dog that turned up to now!

Dog photography Felixstowe, Suffolk
Rescue dog Reiley

And then there is Jon Snow! What a big bear of a dog he is. Another rescue that had obviously had a tough time prior to coming to live with Tracey and his docked tail is a small reminder of that. When he turned up he had little to zero trust in people which breaks my heart that others had done this to him. Tracey has worked tirelessly on building his confidence and he is soo much happier about the people he meets and life, BUT don’t enter the office if his mum (Tracey) isn’t there! He is an amazing guard dog!

Beautiful Pet photography
Rescue dog Jon Snow

They are a random bunch but together they form a beautiful pack and are extremely loyal to Tracey

So in summary the next time you are thinking of getting a new dog, check out your local rescue and see if you can make a dog as happy as these three. Being rescued really was life changing for these guys.

Pet Photoshoot in Suffolk
happy family

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  1. Rescue dogs give back tenfold. What a beautiful family! Taz’s story…oh my! So glad he found Tracey.

  2. I love the group image, two looking in one direction, one looking in the other – yep – that about sums up pet photography! Great exposures here, the black dog on black background image is stunning!

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