Dog walks in Suffolk – my top 5 favourites

I am blessed to live in the beautiful county of Suffolk so the doggo’s and I are spoilt for choice when it comes to great dog walks to go on.

I list my top 5 dog walks in Suffolk favourites below, in not particular order.

This weeks photographs are mainly phone snaps as I rarely take my camera out with my own dogs as usually have my hands full. If nothing else it has shown I really should make more of an effort.

#1 Dedham to Flatford along the river

I know I said they were in no particular order but Dedham is one of my favourites.

There are two car parks, a larger one and a smaller one right on the river edge, both are pay and display.

The dogs love it as there is tonnes of space to run with the added bonus of a river along the Broute to splash in and out of.

best dog walks in suffolk
Beautiful river banks

Unfortunately alot of other people feel the same and in the summer it is often extremely busy with people picnicing and swimming. If you want to enjoy Dedham in the summer early mornings and early evenings are best. I have had some rather embarassing moments where my dogs have wanted to join in with peoples picnics. (the less said about that the better)

Good dog walks in Suffolk
Purdey waiting for his ball

If you have a kayak there is a portage straight off of the carpark and you can paddle all the way to Flatford and enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake at the cafe there. Kayaking with my dogs is one of my favourite things to do and its soo relaxing.

dog friendly walks in suffolk
Beanie navigating the kayak

Google maps link to the car park.

#2 Orwell Park country park and estuary

Another lovely place for a dog walk in Suffolk.

There is a free car park and you can walk straight into the country park and down to the riverside. From the riverside there are beautiful views down the estuary and of the Orwell Bridge.

Orwell bridge walk at sunset
Sunset at the Orwell Bridge

Although popular with dog walkers and families it is not often overly busy.

However, one thing to be mindful of is the tides. If you want your dog to be able to paddle try and visit at high tide. At low tide there is a large expanse of mud flats which will quickly turn a dog in to a swamp monster. You have been warned.

Riverside walks in Suffolk
Jelly relaxing at the bridge

Google map link to the car park

#3 Old Felixstowe beach and tide pools

I grew up in Felixstowe and have always been a fan of the beach, as have my dogs.

Felixstowe beach is mainly a no go zone for dogs between May-September except for the northern end.

There is a large car park on the cliff tops, however this is a pay and display and not free.

Bare in mind that as its on the cliff tops there are numerous steps to negotiate to get down to the beach, so not suitable for mobility issues in humans or dogs.

The climb down is totally worth as there are 3 large tide pools which make a perfect playground for the doggos.

Beach dogs of suffolk
Cosmo posing by a tide pool

The tide pools make a great option to allow your dog to swim on the beach without having to worry about currents and waves for the less confident swimmers.

Coastal dog walks in suffolk
Nuka – here I come!

Link to google maps – car park

#4 Hadleigh river walk

This is my most local walk so one that myself and the doggos often frequent.

There is a free carpark and a path that runs all the way along the river with several points where the dogs can swim.

This is extremely popular with locals so it is very rare that you won’t see anyone.

Suffolk rights of way
Jelly after enjoying a rare swim

You can either walk along the river and back or make use of the public footpaths beyond the river and loop back to the car on field edges.

It’s a lovely varied walk with some hills, water and wooded areas. What’s not to like.

River dog walks
Beanie – no hesitation

Link to the car park on google maps

#5 Thetford forest

This is furthest away from where I live so we usually make it a day trip.

Thetford forest is a large forest with lots of paths and trials to explore. There is quite alot of wildlife so make sure you have a long line if you can’t stop your dog from chasing.

The forest is a very popular tourist destination and is often busy, but due to its size you can easily walk away from the crowds.

Forest dog walks
Little dog, Big forest

The forest is maintained by Forestry England and they charge for parking. As well as lots of walking opportunities there are lots of activities like go ape and segwaying if you want to keep the family amused whilst you and your four legged pal go exploring.

In the forest

Link to the Thetford Forest website.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite dog walks in Suffolk and can try some out. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy your walks.

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  1. Gah … that black and white from Thetford Forest looks like it’s right out of an old movie. It’s everything I imagine forests in England to be … musty and moist. Looks like there are some great spots for dog walks in Suffolk … and dog photography sessions, too!

  2. Great options! I’m a huge fan of walking my dogs on the beach too. I love that it’s usually a softer surface than a hard-packed or rocky trail and they get to swim. Thetford forest – those trees are so pretty!

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